Sauce condiment packaging needs to be improved and perfected


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At present, the packaging of sauce on the market is mainly bottles and bags. Relatively speaking, the grade of bottle packaging is slightly higher than that of bag packaging. However, no matter what kind of packaging form, there are problems that need further reform and improvement.

Low grade sauce is mainly packed in plastic bags. From the material point of view, plastic film is very suitable for sauce packaging. However, the plastic bag is deficient in the function of secondary sealing, and sauce is usually a food with strong smell. Whether it is placed in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet, it will emit smell from the opened package. Therefore, although the cost of ordinary plastic bag packaging of sauce food is low, it is still necessary to reform.

At present, some medium and high-grade sauces, such as chili sauce, tomato sauce, all kinds of jam, are packed in glass bottles with plastic covers, which are convenient to open and close for many times. Some sauces are also added with aluminum plastic sealing film to extend the shelf life. Wide mouth bottle is the most commonly used form of bottle. Jam is generally packaged in wide mouth bottle, and some sauces are packaged in narrow mouth bottle, such as chili sauce and tomato sauce. Special shaped bottles mainly appear in some high-end sauce packaging, such as salad dressing.

Small size of sauce, tomato sauce used in fast food restaurants, basically using aluminum plastic composite packaging,. These packages are exquisitely printed and can extend the shelf life, but the problem of secondary sealing has not been solved. Consumers still need to change their packaging if they can't finish eating immediately after purchase. In addition, in the sauce market, there are more and more plastic bottle packaging, wide mouth PET bottles have been used in jam, sesame paste and other packaging, and the majority of salad dressing packaging bottles are PET bottles.

At present, due to the small demand, there are few imported wide mouth PET bottle production lines in China, which also restricts the application of pet wide mouth bottle. However, with the transition of granule and sauce food to high-end products, pet wide mouth bottle is expected to become the main packaging form of this kind of condiment.

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